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here are some examples of Earned Wage Access (EWA) platforms:

  1. PayActiv: PayActiv offers a suite of financial services including EWA, bill pay, savings tool, and financial counseling. They partner with employers to offer these services as part of an employee benefits package.

  2. Even: Even provides on-demand access to earned wages, as well as budgeting tools, savings, and investment features. They also provide a feature to help users find opportunities for additional earnings.

  3. DailyPay: DailyPay partners with employers to allow employees to make instant transfers of their earned wages before payday. They also offer a savings feature.

  4. Branch: Branch is an EWA platform that also offers fee-free digital banking services. They provide tools for budgeting and saving, and their EWA service is available to workers at no cost.

  5. FlexWage: FlexWage offers EWA through a platform that also includes financial education tools. They provide a payroll card, which can be used for the EWA service.

  6. Earnin: Earnin is a bit different from other EWA platforms in that it doesn't necessarily require employer partnership. Users can access earned wages ahead of payday, and they pay what they believe is fair for the service.

  7. Paymenow: Paymenow is an EWA platform based in Africa. They offer a tiered fee structure based on the user's engagement with financial education modules within the app.

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